A&D Pioneers Trust CertiPath for Online Collaboration A Trusted Community Does Business

Certify Once, Trusted Everywhere

Collaboration across organizations, geographies and alliances has become the critical factor in moving programs from concept to reality.  At the same time, the risks inherent in sharing information beyond the boundaries – both physical and virtual – have increased exponentially.  In A&D, the stakes are higher, where mission-critical often means national security and information in the wrong hands can wreak havoc with peace.

CertiPath provides externally portable organization and individual identity assurance by certifying that your organization’s credentials – and those of your employees – meet globally accepted standards.  CertiPath maps your policy to the CertiPath policy to ensure adherence to these standards, essentially giving your company a “seal of approval” that you can be trusted.

Today's information security models simply aren't up to the task. Knowing – really knowing – who you’re doing business with requires a change in how companies validate and confirm that the person on the other end of the exchange is indeed who they claim to be.

CertiPath’s solution tears down the burdensome and costly company- employee- and program-centric approaches to identity assurance.  Today, organizations around the world are members of this fast-growing community.

CertiPath provides the only commercial Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based communications bridge where partners, suppliers and customers can share information widely, securely, effectively and affordably – regardless of the size and scope of the supply chain.

Management Team

  • Shawn Hughes, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jeff Nigriny, President
  • Tina Davis, Chief Financial Officer
  • Steve Howard, Vice President of Credentials
  • Judith Spencer, Chair, Policy Management Authority

Management team background





“CertiPath is the right choice for three simple reasons: lower costs, faster collaboration and cyber security.”

—Russell Koste,

Identity and Access Manager, Northrop Grumman

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