Certipath Newsletter Q1 2011

Welcome to the Q1 2011 issue!

2011 is likely to be a watershed year in the field of high-assurance identity management. Why? The pace of adoption of PIV and PIV-I credentials will accelerate significantly, fueled by a memo from the Office of Management and Budget, released Feb. 3, that puts real teeth behind a call to action for taking full advantage of the electronic capabilities of these credentials..

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Certipath Newsletter October 2010

Welcome to the October issue!

As always, the CertiPath community is at the forefront of exciting innovation and change in the field of securing mission-critical operations and IP, with high-assurance identity management strategies and processes.

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Certipath Newsletter August 2010

Welcome to the August issue of CertiPath’s newsletter!

If your organization is trying to make sense of the ever-expanding, complex field of access control – whether physical or logical – you’re not alone. This month, we take a close look at the significant advantages high-assurance credentials can offer your organization – whether it’s in meeting government mandates; protecting critical IP or speeding your ability to do business around the corner and around the world.

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Certipath Newsletter April 2010

Welcome to CertiPath’s April 2010 newsletter!

Q1 headlines have shone the light on the risks and vulnerabilities that companies and government organizations face. From state-sponsored attacks to uninvited guests at the White House, there’ve been more than enough “real-world” examples of the need for a better approach to protecting critical assets.

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Certipath Newsletter Q1 2009

DOD Issues Policy to Accept External Certificates

Certificates CertiPath is the first commercial PKI bridge to be accepted as meeting the DOD’s newest policies on information assurance. The U.S. DoD policy memo, dated July 22, 2008, specifically allows external PKIs, such as CertiPath to be trusted by the DoD.

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Certipath Newsletter Q1 2008

CertiPath Continues to Expand Its Focus

The CertiPath team has been working on a number of key initiatives that have served to expand our focus into commercial aerospace/ aviation and beyond the defense sector that CertiPath launched itself with.

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Certipath Newsletter Q3 2007

It Has Been An Exciting Quarter For CertiPath

The CertiPath/TSCP team had an exciting quarter, and in this issue we will share some of the latest status with you. We have also modified the content per some feedback received from a number of you (we truly do appreciate your comments), and we hope that everyone finds this useful.

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