Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) at Work

Today's information security models simply aren't up to the task. Knowing who you’re doing business with requires a change in how companies validate and confirm that the person on the other end of the exchange is indeed who they claim to be.

Whether through e-mail or your front door CertiPath solutions leverage Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems that use mathematical techniques to provide encryption, signatures and other similar functions for authentication, confidentiality, non-repudiation and integrity.


 Online Identities

Doing business today means having the ability to collaborate with external partners – and that requires trust.

Electronic credentials leveraging PKI technology vouch for a holder’s identity, enabling a receiving party to trust that the person on the other end of a digital transaction is truly who he or she claims to be.





 Physical Access

Trusted PACS supports key stakeholders with services designed to ensure success, including:
requirements analysis implementation assurance, program management, product certification, design services, and partner certification.


  One Credential

A single identity card, where information and authorization for an individual’s access to both physical operations and information system is stored, is known as the "One Badge" Approach.

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Trusted PACS

CertiPath's Trusted PACS™ is a suite of services designed to help Facility Owners, PACS OEMs and Integrators incorporate PKI and related functionality to achieve state-of-the-art Federated Trusted PACS for themselves and their customers.

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One Credential

Learn more about One Credential solutions and about how Exostar is pioneering the way for converged PKI-based security systems.

Exostar Case Study: One Credential

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