One Credential

Bridging the Security Gap

A converged approach extends the proven value of PKI-based security systems for managing and assuring logical access control to the challenges of managing and assuring physical access control.

Companies have traditionally relied on disparate security systems with different protocols and processes to manage physical and logical access. The cost and inefficiency of this approach, multiplied when considering visitors and those external to the organization, is dramatic. With an integrated platform, companies overcome the challenges of risk, scalability and accountability to protect assets – both virtual and real.

PIV-I technology and business processes available today achieve this integration – quickly, cost-effectively and without limits – give companies a way to assure identities and access for not only their own employees, but partners, as well. Learn more about EID Passport's and Cassidian Communication's CertiPath-certified PIV-I programs.

 About a One-Credential System
  • Leverages PIV, DoD CAC and PIV-I credentials issued by any valid issuer
  • Utilizes FIPS-201 certified components
  • Allows customers to upgrade PACS without requiring replacement of the entire system
  • Leverages commercially available products e.g. Lenel (avoid/minimize custom solutions that are expensive to maintain)
  • Leverages the US Federal Bridge to validate inter-agency trust (e.g., visitors)
  • Delivers cost effective options to operate at one or multiple assurance levels in accordance with NIST SP800-116



One Credential

Learn more about One Credential solutions and about how Exostar is pioneering the way for converged PKI-based security systems.

Exostar Case Study: One Credential

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