Trusted PACS Programs™

PKI-based Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) are quickly becoming the defining standard for truly effective facility security. CertiPath, the leader in high-assurance identity management and security solutions now offers a complete suite of solutions to facilitate the design, implementation and maintenance of PKI-based identity, access and control management solutions for both physical and logical systems: Trusted PACS.

Trusted PACS supports key stakeholders with services designed to achieve the highest level of assurance in PKI-based PACS including: requirements analysis, implementation assurance, program management, product certification, design services and partner certification.

I need to: 

Protect my facilities and sensitive assets by leveraging PKI for physical access while the reducing cost or maintenance



Deliver customized services and consulting to customers looking to deploy PKI-based physical asset control solutions




Speed the time-to-market with implementation-ready hardware and software solutions for Trusted PACS control environments



CertiPath offers Trusted PACS Workshops, providing the foundation for knowledge in secure credentialing, public key infrastructure (PKI) and Trusted PACS infrastructure requirements. Contact us to find out more.


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