Implementation Assurance
To help civilian and defense organizations move quickly to capitalize on the security advantages made possible by PKI-based PACS, CertiPath, the trusted authority in identity management, offers Implementation Assurance. Working with CertiPath’s expert team, your organization gains:
  • Verification that installed software, hardware and firmware is on the FIPS 201 / FICAM Testing Program Approved Products List (APL)
  • Validation that the installation of hardware, firmware and software conforms to an APL approved end-to-end E-PACS solution
  • Confirmation that the design of the E-PACS provides the appropriate FICAM approved authentication modes for area access as defined in NIST SP800-116 and the local Facility Security Plan
  • End-to-end field testing of the E-PACS solution as installed using various channel attacks to find flaws that may be introduced by the installation and configuration of the E-PACS solution

CertiPath’s Implementation Assurance service is a critical component of a Certification and Accreditation of a High Assurance PACS installation.  Deliverables from Implementation Assurance are:

  • Document describing the as-built E-PACS solution
  • Document of findings and characterization of findings as low, medium or high risk
  • Document providing suggestions for remediation of findings

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