For more information on how CertiPath can help ensure the correct implementation of a PKI-based PACS, please contact us.

Pairing CertiPath’s Trusted PACS Project Management Office (PMO) with CertiPath Certified Integrators for installation and final connections provides a multi-pronged approach that delivers unmatched levels of installation assurance.

Supporting your team with expertise in the installation of high-assurance PACS, CertiPath’s Trusted PACS PMO will:

  • Facilitate all communication of requirements to vendors and installers
  • Work through all installation and integration issues, ensuring the original system requirements are met
  • Protect against technical errors, willful misuse, and environmentally induced problems
  • Certify the installation at time of completion against the requirements and applicable standards

Delivery of a Trusted PACS solution that is up and running from day one.

CertiPath’s PMO service is the best risk mitigation available for your PACS. The service includes:

  • Stakeholder management
    • Internal team (Force protection, Financial management, Security management, etc.)
    • External teams (Hardware vendors, Integrators)
  • Schedule management
    • Program milestones
    • Project schedules
    • Schedule risk mitigation actions
  • Installation management
    • Vendor coordination
    • Integrator systems management
  • Preparation for Initial Authority to Operate milestone

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