Requirements Analysis

For more information on how you can use CertiPath’s Trusted PACS™ Service to reduce costs, streamline operations and improve security, please contact us.

CertiPath’s first-of-its-kind Trusted PACS™ Requirements Analysis Service is aimed at organizations evaluating an implementation.  Organizations gain significant advantage in utilizing the best possible identity credentials for their own employees, as well as consultants, contractors and visitors. Through a needs assessment CertiPath’s team of smart card and access control subject matter experts will:

  • Assess your current PACS and credential topology against CertiPath’s Trusted PACSMaturity Model
  • Define a best-in-class identity and PACS strategy, including IT principles and alignment with business goals
  • Establish a risk framework, including assurance levels and applications classification
  • Provide gap analysis to address policy, governance, practices and technology concerns
  • Recommend a sourcing strategy for technology
CertiPath’s Trusted PACS™ Requirements Analysis will show you how implementing PACS in silos, on a building-by-building basis, fails to address security requirements and maximizes cost.  CertiPath’s “Federated PACS” approach allows for multi-building and multi-credential management, the pinnacle of PACS performance.

Leverage your infrastructure

CertiPath’s comprehensive planning and strategic management approach starts with a holistic assessment of the operation, including business goals; current practices and badge controls; population and access profiles; and current access control infrastructure and processes.  This snapshot is assessed against the maturity model to derive a quantitative baseline state.  Critical stakeholders such as human resources, physical and IT security work together with CertiPath to define a roadmap for implementation including milestones, leads, deadlines and ideal outcomes.  CertiPath’s team of experts work to oversee the development, delivery and evaluation of requirements ensuring on-time, on-budget implementation of a solution that meets both client needs and relevant standards.

With CertiPath’s expertise, organizations move more quickly toward:

  • Facilitating data sharing, access control and permissions for stakeholder communities – based on shared ability to recognize credentials issued by acceptable authorities
  • Reducing the time to determine the validity and confidence level of a presented identity
  • Correcting inefficient information and data collection process caused by using multiple identification systems
  • Reducing the number of credentials issued to one individual
  • Identifying and validating credentials based on PIV, PIV-I, CAC and TWIC as appropriate
  • Eliminating or reducing the reliance on visual inspection of credentials
  • Providing a consistent vetting process between vendor solutions
  • Proving that an interoperable sharing of authenticated identities and granting of access privileges between constituent parties is cost-effective
  • Simultaneously increasing computer security through reliance on the same high-assurance credentials leveraged for PACS
  • Globally or specifically denying access to PACS zones based on changes in the operating environment (e.g. facility lockdown event)
  • Design integration of the major authentication factors across enterprise’s PACS - digital certificate, PIN number and biometrics
  • Revoking access in a timely manner 

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