Integrator Certification Program

Trusted PACS™ Integrator Certification Program

As civilian and defense agencies move quickly to adopt PKI-based integrated physical access control systems [PACS], there is a critical need for integrators and consultants to demonstrate expertise in designing and overseeing the implementation of these environments.

To capitalize on this opportunity, leading integrators are investing heavily in the development of services and solutions that can help their customers create state-of-the-art Federated Trusted PACS. However, while not onerous for the end-user, PKI is complicated to implement in relying party applications like PACS. To overcome the challenges related to delivering these services, CertiPath has designed a certification program for integrators that provides expert instruction, both academic and hands-on.

CertiPath’s Trusted PACS™ Integrator Certification Program is part of its Trusted PACS™ suite of services, designed to help end-users, integrators and PACS vendors achieve the highest level of assurance in PKI-based PACS.

Candidates for CertiPath’s Trusted PACS Integrator Certification Program should have working knowledge of at least one “traditional” PACS, with full installation and integration field experience. The two-day intensive course covers a wide range of topics and practical experiences. Taught by experts in PACS – as well as PKI, cryptography, protocol and channel analysis – participants gain:
  • An understanding of why this market shift towards high assurance credentials and Trusted PACS is happening
  • Practical knowledge on the foundations of high assurance credentials, including
    • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
    • Biometrics
  • Trusted PACS and how they use high assurance credentials
  • Practical instruction on how to configure a range of CertiPath-approved products
  • The opportunity to configure several PACS based on CertiPath requirements

In 2009, CertiPath was selected by the U.S. General Services Administration [GSA] to author the specification for PKI-based Trusted PACS and to oversee the implementation of a compliant system.

The resulting specification is the requirements framework for PACS. It forms the basis of CertiPath’s Trusted PACS suite of services for end-users, integrators and PACS vendors.


Participants who successfully complete the requirements of the certification program are listed in CertiPath’s Certified Integrators directory, and can promote their credentials. A mix of classroom and real-world training gives participants the knowledge and skills to work with customers on requirements, implementation roadmaps and deployment of high-assurance PACS environments.


Day 1 – Classroom Session

1)       Introduction
              a. Background
              b. Traditional PACS vs. Trusted PACS
              c. Who uses High Assurance credentials?

2)       PKI Overview
              a. Cryptography
              b. PKI 101
              c. Trust paths
              d. Certificate validation

3)       Biometrics
              a. Different types
              b. How they work
              c. Biometrics in PIV/PIV-I

4)       High Assurance Credentials
              a. Differences from traditional PACS badges
              b. PIV data model
              c. Credential types
              d. Card-holder populations

5)       Trusted PACS
              a. System criteria
              b. Sample solutions

Day 2 – Hands-on Training & Review

After a review of topics from day one, students will learn about PKI-specific configuration for select Trusted PACS solutions that have been added to the CertiPath Approved Products List. Students will then be able to apply the knowledge gained from both days to configure the PACS.  The day concludes with an extended review of all concepts learned.

Day 3 – Exam

A 2-part exam will be given covering information learned in the course.  Part 1 is a written, knowledged based exam while part 2 tests hands on configuration of a Trusted PACS™ system.






Integrator Certification:

For more information on how CertiPath can help your company to move quickly integrating PKI into your PACS service offerings, contact us.

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